The actress, who traded her Yari Road apartment for a bigger place last year, is finally moving into her dream home
Roshmila Bhattacharya (MUMBAI MIRROR; February 3, 2017)

Last year, during Durga Puja, Tannishtha Chatterjee bought a two-bedroom apartment in Mumbai. Her parents were in town and on the auspicious day of Saptami, she got the flat registered in her name and the civil work started. She brought in the New Year by hosting a housewarming party at her new pad for a few friends and her sister who was in town. Today, the acclaimed actress is delighted that she wakes up to the chatter of parrots roosting on the trees outside her bedroom and goes to sleep watching the moonlight filter in through the curtains.

She had bought an apartment in the Yari Road area years ago and since returning to the city after a five-year stay in UK, she’s wanted to upgrade to a bigger place. But all the travelling she was doing left her with little time to go house-hunting. When she finally got into the act, it took her nine months to land this place which was in the same area, with every window and balcony offering a view of the mangroves.

It wasn’t in a very good condition as the owner lived in Delhi. “But when she looked around, she saw the possibilities and loved the old marble flooring in particular. “I’m not a 20th floor skyscraper girl. I don’t want to look down on the city, I want to be close to the ground and I don’t want to look into people’s homes or have anyone looking into mine. This one is on the fourth floor and perfect for one person. There are no buildings around, only trees. I can be myself,” she exults.

Tannishtha hasn’t got started on the furnishing yet. She’s hoping to pick up some old-world furniture from exhibitions in Delhi and some beautiful pottery. “I love green tea and want to offer my guests a choice of teas in really nice cups,” she says dreamily.

For the walls she is getting original Abanindranath Tagore and Jamini Roy paintings that she picked up from Santiniketan, framed. She’s looking for some pretty curtains and lamps too because “lighting adds character to a home”. And she has brought along the two chairs which have been with her since the last 15 years. “I got them when I got my own room up on the terrace of our Delhi home. They are from the cottage industry and have been travelling with me ever since,” she smiles fondly looking at them.

She goes on to reveal that at one point she had toyed with the idea of moving to Goa because she could not find the perfect home in concrete Mumbai. Now, she is happy with the one she has, but some day, she wants to also buy a house, 100 km from the city, where she would have her own garden and a huge bathroom. “I’ve lived in the best of hotels around the world, but none of them had a bathroom like my friend’s. It’s big and beautiful and some day I want one like that too. But till them I am happy with the two loos I have here,” she signs off with a laugh.