Rachana Dubey (BOMBAY TIMES; February 4, 2017)

Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif apparently spent quality time together on the sets of their long-inthe-making film with director, and co-producer Anurag Basu. Nope, we're not talking about the time the former lovers spent shooting their last few scenes for the detective musical. According to eyewitnesses, the exes bonded over forcibly trimming Anurag's hair.

It all happened a few days ago in Mumbai while shooting a set of patchwork scenes with the lead pair. According to a source on the set, Anurag had, in the course of his pranks, given two-three assistants a forced haircut that day. Finally, Ranbir and Katrina decided to chop off Anurag's hair to help the assistants seek revenge for their lost locks.

The source says, “Most assistants run scared of Anurag, so none of them mustered the courage to touch his hair. Instead, they approached Ranbir and he agreed. Katrina and he ganged up, and waited till the sun went down. Then they forcibly made Anurag sit on a chair, picked up a trimmer and took turns in chopping his hair. Since the cuts were quite random, Anurag's hair looks quite odd now. He doesn't have an option but to wait till the hair grows back and then give it a decent cut, hopefully not a forced one this time around.“