Neha Maheshwri (BOMBAY TIMES; February 4, 2017)

Rahul Dev is happy that life has given him a second chance. The actor, who was forced to take a four-year sabbatical from work and move to Delhi to take care of his son after his wife died of cancer, returned to showbiz only after his son went abroad for further studies.

Fortunately, he didn't have to struggle for work as apart from films, he also bagged reality shows like Power Couple and Bigg Boss 10. Interestingly, Rahul's girlfriend Mugdha Godse stayed away from the limelight during his stay in the Bigg Boss house. “I was averse to the idea of Mugdha making an appearance. The nature of this reality show makes it sensational. I am extremely protective about my personal space and dignity,“ he explains.

Does he plan to settle down? “We are still discovering each other and meet everyday. Mentally, I am in the same space with Mugdha as I was when I was married. I have known her since 2013, but the relationship bettered organically and became purer last year. I feel truly blessed to get a second chance in life, especially in a profession as fickle as acting,“ he answers.

Meanwhile, the actor is all set to test waters in the fiction genre with Dil Boley Oberoi, a spin-off on Ishqbaaz. He will play antagonist Kaali Pratap Thakur, a strong and intense character. “It's a guest appearance, which has been scripted well. I can't devote 20 days a month to a show,“ he says.