Rishi Kapoor
Shaheen Parkar (MID-DAY; January 19, 2017)

Vetran actor Rishi Kapoor's biography might have only been released a few days ago, but has already grabbed headlines owing to the intricacies with which the actor has highlighted certain aspects of his life. Aptly titled 'Khullam Khulla: Rishi Kapoor Uncensored', the book not only includes details of the colourful life of his father Raj Kapoor, who, writes Rishi, had a string of affairs with his co-actors, and loved his booze, but also includes a foreword by son Ranbir, who confesses that his relationship with his father wasn't as friendly as he'd desired.

But penning his life into a book isn't enough for the 64-year-old actor. Hitlist has learnt that Rishi, who believes that a first person narration of his stories is more likely to elicit a response, is now set enact his autobiography on stage. "Yes, I will be doing live shows," he says, further adding that he is keen to recite his stories in his own voice and gauge the audience's reaction immediately.

Titled Khullam Khulla with Rishi Kapoor, the 90-minutes show, which will have the actor narrate select passages from the book, is being produced by V G Jairam of Fountainhead Entertainment. Jairam informs, "We came up with the idea and approached him [Rishi] for a stage show. Rehearsals are underway and an announcement with the details will be made shortly. Rishi Kapoor will be in conversation with Kiran Kotrial (film writer) for the enactment. We plan to stage it across the globe."