Hrithik Roshan
Actor speaks of equation with ex-wife Sussanne, and co-parenting their sons
Mohar Basu (MID-DAY; January 20, 2017)

Hrithik Roshan’s life revolves around his sons, Hrehaan and Hridhaan. The living room of his sea-facing Juhu apartment is proof. The walls are plastered with pictures of the three goofing around. He joins us after wrapping up Kaabil’s post- production work. Before we chat, he steals a few minutes to FaceTime the kids. “I am chilled out and completely at peace. Work [on Kaabil] is done,” he says.

It’s hard not to notice that the actor and former wife Susanne Khan are co-parenting their kids with dignity. The couple split in 2013 after being married for 14 years. “We continue to be friends. So, in my case, being a single parent is not difficult. In fact, I wouldn’t have it any other way. It seemed disillusioning at first, but it has turned out to be much better for how I bond with my sons. I have the most beautiful and honest equation with them now. Maybe we wouldn’t have been this close, if things hadn’t turned out the way they did,” he says.

Does he miss having them around when he gets home? “I am not missing out on them growing up. They are always here. Sussanne and I knew that we’d be mature about this. We didn’t overthink; we went with the flow to be the best parents we could,” says Hrithik, adding, “Moreover, I can’t make peace with a turbulent relationship. I will find a way for it to be stable. All my relationships are symbiotic. They add value to both, my life and of those around me, whether it’s Susanne, friends or family.”

The actor rang in his 43rd birthday on January 10 and believes he is leaving the best phase of his life. “The 40s are an absolute blast. I am more aware of the person I am, my likes and dislikes. I am the king of my time. I create my own joy and am happy to be where I am. I have never had this much fun in before.”