Fight like a girl

Richa teams up with Mumbai NGO to launch Power With Mukki, a programme that teaches self-defense to girls across govt schools
Mohar Basu (MID-DAY; October 12, 2021)

With her movies being an extension of her personal beliefs, Richa Chadha has introduced us to several brave women on screen — from Devi in Masaan (2015) to Hiral in Section 375 (2019). Off screen too, the actor fiercely champions gender equality. Now, Chadha has thrown her weight behind Power With Mukki, a programme that will teach self-defense to young girls. The digital project is the brainchild of MukkaMaar, a Mumbai-based non-profit organisation that closely works with the Mumbai Municipal Education Department to ensure gender-equitable schooling.

It has tied up with government schools across the city to teach combat skills to girls belonging to the age group of 10 to 14 years. The conversation-based learning programme is enabled on WhatsApp, thus being available to even the marginalised communities. The NGO aims to train 10,000 girls by 2022. 

“Self-defense among girls will continue to be a priority till we are able to change our boys,” says Chadha, reiterating that positive gender practices have to be inculcated in boys from a young age to see tangible change.

“May the situation never arise, when one needs to defend themselves, but it’s not just about fighting predators off. Learning self-defense gives girls more confidence in their own bodies, and makes them capable of expressing themselves better. MukkaMaar is doing incredible work, with thousands of girls and young adults.”