DNA (August 12, 2017)

Salman Khan’s last release Tubelight might not have worked as per expectations at the box office, but that hasn’t really affected the superstar at all.

Just like nothing changes for him, after a hit film. He is always the same. He explains why, “I have never considered myself a superstar the way people make me out to be. I’m still an ordinary person at heart.” He reasons that people who actually change after becoming famous, don’t last long.

“There are actors who get in a complacent zone and think, ‘Whatever I do is okay,’ and that’s the worst thing to do ever. No matter which position one is in, one should always work in the way one did for his first film. That sincerity should be there in every shot of yours. You should just focus on doing well. If you take everything for granted, your stardom won’t take much time to come to an end.” Point!