Nayandeep Rakshit (DNA; August 9, 2017)

If Sonam Kapoor can, so can Sridevi Kapoor. Sridevi is quite popular on social media and regularly posts pictures on her Instagram account. Sonam was the first actress in B-Town to launch her own app, and other actresses like Disha Patani, Amy Jackson, Nargis Fakhri followed suit.

Apart from Salman Khan’s Being Human app, none of the actors from the ‘90s have an app of their own. Not even Shah Rukh Khan, although having one for his team Kolkata Knight Riders would surely find a large fan base.

However, Sri says, she’s keen on having an app of her own. “I would love to have an app of my own. It will be interesting to share a part of my life with my fans. I am completely open to it.”

Sridevi is also one of those senior actors, who has imbibed the social media atmosphere rather positively. She explains, “Social media helps me interact with my fans. It becomes easy for fans to connect with actors. That’s a huge positive of social media. I don’t really see the negative side in anything.”

Everyone has to deal with trolls and the nasty comments, including her daughters Janvi and Khushi, who are active on Instagram. Sridevi stresses that she has already spoken to her daughters about the ills of social media. “I’ve told my kids that this will happen. Whether they like it or not, there will be scrutiny. On social media and outside. I read somewhere that Jahnvi ran after Ranbir (Kapoor) at a party. She was upset about that news because that was not what had happened. I told her that she has to just brush it all aside. When you take the positives, you also have to learn to accept the negatives of this space too.”