BOMBAY TIMES (July 2, 2017)

Dhinchak Pooja, headed the latest cringe pop sensation, is straight for trouble with the Delhi Traffic Police. In the video for her latest song Dilon Ka Shooter, Pooja is seen riding a scooter on Delhi roads without a helmet, something that was brought to the police's notice by a vigilant Twitter user.

The police has issued a notice to the person whose name the scooter is registered in. That's some quick action taken by the cops, but if they want to issue challans for this sort of thing, why not aim higher? Trying to rap and hold on to her wobbly scooter without a helmet might be the least of Pooja's crimes - just ask anyone who's heard her songs - and so many other dhinchak Bollywood actors zoom around helmet-less in movies, with no one batting an eyelid. So why single out poor Pooja? Or is all this just so she stops competing with Taher Shah?

Delhi's Dhinchak Pooja, the cringe-pop artiste who has got over 45,00,000 views on her video Dilon Ka Shooter, can now boast of another 'fan' - the traffic department. In the video, Dhinchak Pooja, also known as Pooja Jain, is seen zipping on a scooty on the streets of the capital without a helmet. The cops are now chasing her. After a social media user complained to the police on Tuesday, tweeting, “Yeh mohtarma bina helmet scooter chala rahi hain, aur shor macha kar gaana ga rahi hain,“ the capital's traffic department's microblogging account sprung into action.

In her previous videos, Pooja was seen driving without a seat belt, but an objection was raised only for Dilon Ka Shooter. The complainant also told the cops that the shoot took place at Surajmal Vihar on June 24, at 3.10 pm.

S B S Tyagi, Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic), told us, “We have issued a notice to the owner of the scooter. Riding in public without a helmet is an offence. Now, she can come to us claiming that she took permission to shoot in the area, but not wearing a helmet is a violation of law. Even an actor will be challaned for not wearing a helmet. Usually, for film shoots, the production teams have to seek permission from the police and the traffic department. They have to inform that they will be shooting at a specific place and have to explain the purpose of shooting a scene in a particular way.“