Subhash K Jha (DNA; June 30, 2017)

Prabhu Dheva never ceases to surprise himself, or us. He is now off to China to learn martial arts for his new Telugu film Yung Mung Sung. Says Prabhu Dheva, “It is a film based on martial arts and I play the lead. The role requires me to do a lot of martial arts. So I am going to China in July to learn my moves.”

More than Prabhu, it was his two sons who were excited about their father assuming Bruce Lee’s avatar. “I always wanted to do action. And this is a full-on action film directed by M S Arjun. Since it required martial arts, I didn’t want the action scenes to look artificial. I am going to China to learn the real thing,” says Prabhu, who in any case has a supremely supple physique acquired from his dancing. “I believe dancing and martial arts are very closely related. Learning martial arts is only going to improve my dancing,” he adds.