Katrina Kaif
Manish D Mishra (DNA; June 15, 2017)

Katrina Kaif usually likes to bring in her big day in the English capital with her family, but this year, the actress will be living it up in the Big Apple. Kat, who turns 34 on July 16, will be celebrating her birthday in New York City. Some of her close friends and family will be joining her. According to sources, the porcelain beauty will be soaking in the pulsating nightlife of the fashionable meatpacking district in NYC. “Part of her birthday plans also include enjoying pancakes at the popular Bubby’s on Hudson Street, which she often visits whenever in New York. Great food, uplifting music and a night out on the tiles is on the cards,” informs our source.

Her birthday week in NY coincides with IIFA this year, and since she is performing there, she decided to extend her stay in the city. Now that’s called combining business with pleasure!