Natasha Coutinho (MUMBAI MIRROR; June 20, 2017)

Kalki Koechlin will mark World Music Day on Wednesday by launching a music video titled “Noise”. The song sees her reciting rap poetry that she has written and conjures up all the sounds that an Indian hears in a lifetime, from traffic on the streets to the clamour at fish markets, chants at mosques and temples and the social media notification tones. The video notes that in the desperation to hear and be heard, we forget to listen.

“I wrote this poem last October for a poetry slam competition in Bangalore and performed it for the opening ceremony. The topic was the overwhelming amount of noise in the country, be it religious or political, or the deafening sounds in our heads. By highlighting them, we want to highlight the value of silence,” the actress asserts.

Akansha Seda, who directed Kalki in the video “The Printing Machine”, reunites with her for “Noise” on the Blush channel, shot in five-six days across Mumbai. Kalki says that launching it on World Music Day was just a coincidence. “I met Akansha in May and read the poem out to her. We were working on ideas when she mentioned World Music Day. It was a challenge meeting the deadline while procuring the natural noise in the city and making music out of it,” Kalki concludes.