Nayandeep Rakshit (DNA; June 29, 2017)

Mr India released 30 years ago. But it is still counted among Hindi cinema’s cult classics. Three decades later, producer Boney Kapoor is planning a sequel to the sci-fi flick.

Sridevi, who is promoting her upcoming film Mom, produced by hubby Boney, gets nostalgic, “It’s really amazing. Uss waqt when we were making Mr India, we never thought it will be spoken of even after 30 years. I am really amazed when I hear people talking about that film even now. But then, it’s a very special film. Those days, there were no special effects, no graphics, nothing. But still, everyone did a splendid job and if people are still talking about it, that means something for sure.”

Although there have been speculations about the film’s second instalment being planned, the actress says the team has not ‘locked any script’. “It’s too early to talk about Mr India 2. We have definitely thought of doing a part two. But the subject isn’t decided because it has to be something even more special than the first part,” she says. Sridevi explains that whether she will be part of the film depends “on the subject”. “It has to be about what the writers finally come up with. If it’s great, why not? I would love to do it,” she adds.

Amrish Puri, who played the baddie Mogambo is no more. So, will his part be retained? The actress says, “Mogambo will have to be there 100 per cent. But maybe, it will be a different Mogambo this time. Mr India 2 will be incomplete without Mogambo.”