Sushant Singh Rajput
Harshada Rege (DNA; June 28, 2017)

The Raabta boy is keeping a low profile after the film’s unmitigated debacle at the box-office. The actor is known to disappear after a film release, for some much-needed ‘me’ time. Usually, he escapes the daily grind by leaving for an undisclosed destination. The actor enjoys being a solo traveller. Over to the man who longs for his bi-annual getaways...

On a scale of 1 to 10, how social are you? Are you more likely to go out or stay indoors?
Stay indoors 100 per cent. I will not step out for anything — except for work, meeting people who matter, and going to places that I have never been to. Travelling is something that I really like, but all alone.

You go on holidays alone?
Yes, I do and I really want to do it twice every year.

Do you know which places you want to go to?
To new places. I really want to go to Jerusalem and Mecca. I like the energies there.

So what’s the next destination?
There is this place in Australia and Scotland.

Which place in Australia?
Some desert because there are people who will help you set up a camp. I just bought a really nice telescope and from there, you can see the entire galaxy with your naked eyes. So, imagine if I have a telescope and I am listening to Pink Floyd and smoking, that is bliss.