Neha Maheshwri (BOMBAY TIMES; June 23, 2017)

After four years, Chak De girl Chitrashi Rawat has finally decided to move on from her bitter experience on television. The actress, who had stepped into Kavita Kaushik's shoes in FIR, had to exit the show unceremoniously. While the incident left Chitrashi wary of the small screen for some time, she is back in action now. Chitrashi will be seen as one of the three female leads in Shankar Jai Kisan 3 In 1, a story revolving around triplets.

She says, “Apart from a guest appearance on Tu Mera Hero, I stayed away from TV after my bad experience on FIR. It's challenging to replace someone, that too, someone who has been associated with a show for seven years. Though I got positive feedback for my character, I was suddenly told that my track wasn't working and hence, they were replacing me. It's another matter that despite bringing back the original heroine, the show wrapped up some time later. Kavita did a fabulous job, but FIR had run its course by that time. I was very disappointed and even toyed with the idea of taking the matter to court, but finally decided against it. It has taken me four years to make up my mind and return to TV. I have now realised that TV works differently and actors don't have much of a say. It's always the producer or the broadcaster who calls the shot. And if an actor tries to voice his opinion, he is usually alienated.“

The actress will play a dominating judo expert in her next venture, which might remind viewers of her tough girl avatars in the film Chak De! India and FIR. Ask her if she feels typecast on TV and she replies, “To an extent, it may be true. However, I cannot see myself play a sari-clad bahu anyway. That won't go well with my personality. In addition to that, I am a little biased towards sport-based projects since I am a sportsperson myself.“