Upala KBR (DNA; May 3, 2017)

Ishita Dutta (last seen as Ajay Devgn’s daughter in Drishyam) has been shooting with Kapil Sharma for her second film, Firangi, in Chandigarh, for the last three weeks, ever since the Sunil Grover controversy broke out. She says, “Kapil respects people a lot. As far as the incident on the plane and the controversy is concerned, I don’t know what happened. I have not asked him about it. I have too much respect for him. All I know is that I have shot with him for almost five months and he has always been nice and tried to make everyone comfortable on set. Whenever I have been nervous before any scene he has always been reassuring.”

Ishita adds, “There has been no change in Kapil even after the controversy broke out. He is still as chilled out and funny as he has been since the first day. Kapil is very busy with his other shows and shoot but you will never see him stressing. He is very focused and works on every scene with the director and the actors. I am sure such an incident would affect anybody, but it’s how one handles it and without letting it affect your work. Kapil is very funny and always makes us laugh on set by cracking jokes and just being himself. He is super busy but it’s so nice to see how he is always smiling and completely relaxed. So many people would come to the set to meet him, but as the makers didn’t want to reveal the look of the film, he would change into personal clothes so his fans could click pictures with him, which I think was very sweet.”

The actress adds that she has always been a great fan of The Kapil Sharma Show and never misses an episode. “I was very happy when I was finalised for Firangi and was really excited to work with him. Kapil is a very chilled out producer. We shot in Chandigarh during last winter when it was very cold and now in April during summer. Kapil was very concerned about everyone’s health on set.