Upala KBR (DNA; May 17, 2017)

There were reports about Salim and Salman Khan producing a biopic on Helen. However, Salim rubbishes the rumours and says why a biopic or even an autobiography on Helen is out of the question.

Not true!
Salim says, “It’s not true at all. Is it Helenji’s age to be involved with a biopic now? She is 80 years old and this is a time when we should live life on our own terms — go for walks, travel — how long will we work? We have worked enough. Now it’s time to relax and enjoy ourselves. Whether it’s a biopic or an autobiography, jo bhi ho, aadmi imaandari se likh hi nahi sakta.”

Unfair to the Khan-daan?
His concerns are that writing about the other people connected to his life will be unfair. “Aapse jo jude hue log hain, unke baare mein kya batayenge?”, he asks. “Woh unka bhi toh secret hai? They are married with families, I need to protect them, too. Woh uss moment ki ek sanctity hoti hai. Woh thodi kuch exhibition ke liye hota hai relationships? Jo aapke zindagi se ghere hue bahut kareeb se log hain. A film or autobiography will impact their lives also.”