Anushka Sharma
On her birthday, the actress talks to us about all the woh pehli baars in her life...
Nayandeep Rakshit (DNA; May 1, 2017)

Anushka Sharma turns a year older today. Lively and bubbling with energy, her energy is infectious. The actress never talks about her birthday plans as she finds it too trivial to say things like, “It will be a working birthday, or a quiet birthday with just a few family and friends, etc.”

We decided to do ask her some quirky questions, as her birthday falls on the first of the month. She was game. Here’s Anushka talking about all her life’s firsts. Take a look.

First paycheque
I got it when I was 14. It was for an ad, I don’t exactly recall the amount. It must’ve been like Rs 6,000 or Rs 7,000. I gave it to my mom.

First thing you bought with your first pay
I took that money back from mom (Smiles) and bought her a pendant.

First assignment
It was an ad for a shoe brand. I was 14 then.

First crush
It was a boy in my class. in Std 3. I’m not going to name him.

First car
Was when I turned 18.

First trip abroad
The first place I went to was Sri Lanka, for a fashion show.

First house
It was in 2009. It’s not the one I stay in right now, the one before that. It’s in Versova.

First stage performance
That, too, was 2009 for Star Screen Awards.

First award
It was the Best Debut Award from Producers’ Guild Awards. That was the only debutante award I had got that year.

First love
My dog, Dude!

First time you met your dream man
How do you know if I have met my dream man?

First time you cooked
I don’t cook at all. If I cook, I will be very good at it. But mujhe shauk nahi hai. I baked cookies a while back.

First time someone proposed to you
(Smiles) It was in Standard 6. I didn’t even know he was proposing. I got to know that much later.

First time you slapped a guy
My brother. I have whacked him, pulled his hair throughout our growing years.

First time you slapped a stranger
One guy was eve-teasing me on the streets. I whacked him with a bottle.

First time you bought yourself an expensive luxury item
I bought a house, that’s the most expensive thing (smiles).