Manishaa R (DNA; April 11, 2017)

Filmmaker Rajesh Mapuskar, who bagged the National Award for Best Director for Marathi film, Ventilator, is all set to collaborate with Priyanka Chopra for another Marathi film. However, it has nothing to do with the National Award, insists the director. “Even during the making of Ventilator, Priyanka and her mother kept talking about doing more projects. We will work on another Marathi film, after I wrap up my next Hindi film,” he revealed.

The director can’t get over his excitement about the award, “It is the ultimate recognition,” he said adding, “The film has taught me a lesson to always trust my instinct and work with like-minded producers who instill that confidence in you.”

The director, who had earlier helmed the Hindi movie, Ferrari Ki Sewari, recalled how he was at one stage contemplating of dropping the project altogether, before Priyanka decided to produce it, “I was advised by people in the industry that I was taking the wrong step by venturing into Marathi filmmaking. My close friends asked me why I was attempting a Marathi film when I had successfully proved myself in the Hindi domain. They also warned me that it would create a misleading perception of me as a filmmaker who was searching for work.” However, he decided to follow his instinct on the thought-provoking subject about strong family ties amidst conflicting relationships. “I also saw the reactions of people to whom I narrated the subject. They laughed, cried and I felt that this story needed to be told.”

It was his meeting with Priyanka through a common friend that reinforced his conviction, “She followed my instinct and connected instantly to the story within five minutes of the narration, this despite the fact that she is such a busy star. We were both on the same page about the extraordinary subject, after which she put complete faith in me. It was as if she was convinced that I would take the film to a level she wanted. When somebody puts that kind of faith and confidence in you, you know that you are going in a right direction. It was this confidence that was also reflected in the way the film eventually shaped up,” he said.