Sonakshi Sinha and Kanan Gill in a still from Noor
Mohar Basu (MID-DAY; April 6, 2017)

Kanan Gill may have offended cinephiles and producers alike with his YouTube movie review show, where he pokes fun at Bollywood films with co-host Biswa Kalyan Rath. But the online star is now gearing up to put himself under the spotlight by reviewing Sonakshi Sinha- starrer, Noor, which also marks his maiden Bollywood outing. The 27-year-old says, “I have proposed to do a Pretentious Movie Review (his web show) of Noor. I know of details that others wouldn’t, and can pull this off better than anyone else.”

It was Kanan’s web show that caught the eye of director Sunhil Sippy, who was scouting for an actor to play Sonakshi’s friend in the drama. “After the show, I have been getting offers. When Sunhil looked up online [to find an actor], there I was! I am excited to be a part of the film, but unlike others, I don’t have plans and goals.”

While he is happy with his performance, Kanan continues to question his acting abilities. “It’s hard to say if I am an actor. Any role that may demand greater range is going to test my skills,” he says earnestly.