Nona Walia (TIMES LIFE; April 9, 2017)

It was only when I entered the world of modelling and made a name for myself that life changed for me. In college, I didn't have the best time. I was extremely shy and underconfident as a person. My height and looks attracted attention and people judged me. It gave me sleepless nights.

The boys were real bullies. People would giggle and say things about me. It was hurtful. I was taller than the tallest guy, that's something the boys didn't take very kindly to. Growing up with bullying was psychologically disturbing. Even though I was a topper in my class, the stress of being bullied got to me. I was miserable despite being raised to be tough. I started becoming confident after winning pageants and getting fame. Now, I don't take people or their comments seriously. I want to tell young girls to never let their peers doubt their ability. Today, I have learnt to deal with bullies. My mind is stronger and far more resilient to face the world as it comes.

If you know your worth, you can stand up to people who intimidate you. Never allow others to overrule your mind or life. When you stop being the victim, the world also treats you differently. This comes with inner confidence. Every teenager should have a plan in place to tackle bullies. I did, but much later than I should have. It changed me forever.

(Urvashi Rautela is the winner of Miss Diva 2015)