Natasha Coutinho (MUMBAI MIRROR; April 20, 2017)

Neha Dhupia was in France earlier this month (April 2 to 4) and during the three days, managed to squeeze a lot into her schedule. “I went to Marseille, Notre Dame, the province of Aix-en-provence and a private island, Les embiez. I went on long walks, listened to street music and bought crepe from a lady in an underground walkway who is really famous. I always ask a local to point me in the direction of what I should eat and these crepes were fantastic. My tip is when in France don’t miss out on desserts. My diet went for a toss but every bite was worth it!” she exclaims.

On the third day she was in Les embiez to party with 900 people who had gathered from 82 different countries. “This was one trip where the best moments were unplanned and makes me want to go back for more,” she says.

An adventure sports junkie, Neha went kayaking with friends in Marseille and the sea took her back to her childhood days. “I was a fauji kid since my dad was in the navy. So a dip in the water sets everything right for me,” she smiles admitting that June is the best time to visit South of France as it’s more warm.

Was language an issue? “Either language works or body language, I managed,” she quipped and when quizzed on shopping informs that a friend just had babies, so she shopped for them.