Shraddha Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor at the film's trailer launch yesterday. Pic/Shadab khan
Letty Mariam Abraham (MID-DAY; April 11, 2017)

It had become almost a norm for Shraddha Kapoor to croon at least one track in all her recent releases, but for her next release, Half Girlfriend, she hasn’t attempted any song. Director Mohit Suri claims the actress was initially eager to sing, but backed out later by choice.

Mohit is known to work on the soundtrack even before locking the cast. So when Shraddha evinced interest to take the mic, Mohit couldn’t say no to the actress. However, after finding out that the song had already been recorded, she backed out. “Shraddha said she wants to take a shot at singing a song in Half Girlfriend. I agreed to it, obviously. But when she came to know that someone had already sung it, she said, ‘It will look bad if I replace her. If you had come to me first, I would have done it.’ So, she has not done any singing for this one, unlike her other films,” says Mohit.

Since he is particular about the music in his films, isn’t it a risk to make actors sing instead of professional singers? “To be honest, everything can be corrected through technology these days, but you cannot correct the expression. If I felt Shraddha couldn’t express, I wouldn’t have agreed to have her sing,” Mohit explains.