Sunny Leone in the ad
Reacting to recent clamour against her condom ad, Sunny Leone says only govt can decide what's best for citizens
Sonil Dedhia (MID-DAY; April 20, 2017)

Earlier this week, the women's wing of the Republican Party of India (A) called for withdrawal of a condom ad featuring Sunny Leone, labelling it 'indecent' and 'a sheer embarrassment for female viewers'. But the actress is far from perturbed by the protests. Speaking to mid-day, Sunny says, "One of the greatest things about India is the democracy and freedom of speech. If people want to raise their voice against me, they can go ahead and do it. Only the government can decide what's best for the citizens."

Sunny, who has nearly 10 brands in her kitty, says she believes in each of the products that she endorses. "When I sign up for a brand, I take moral responsibility for it. It's like bringing a baby into the world. A couple goes ahead with the decision of starting a family only when it is responsible enough to take care of the child," she says, nodding her head as if asking 'you catch my drift, right?'

Last year, the actress launched her perfume collection and now she is ready to put her business skills to test again by launching her own line of cosmetic products titled Starstruck.

"I never thought people would like my perfumes so much. The business really boomed and I thought of exploring more opportunities. The cosmetic line is an extension of my personality. I am personally making an effort to be involved in all possible decisions," she adds.