Katrina Kaif
Nayandeep Rakshit (DNA; April 27, 2017)

After Hrs was the first to tell you that the insanely private Katrina Kaif was going to join Facebook. This was last year on her birthday. And now we can confirm that the actress will be making her debut on Instagram. Last year, she told this paper, “As of now, I haven’t planned to be on Instagram or Twitter. But hopefully, it will happen soon.” That moment has come! Katrina Kaif makes her debut on Instagram today.
‘In a flow’

She confirms, “Yes, I am joining Instagram and my official handle will be my name @KatrinaKaif. I got it. I won’t say how that happened, but I finally got it,” she laughs.

The debut was planned, like everything else in her life. She reasons. “I wanted it all to be in a flow. So I joined Facebook and I wanted to get a hang of things. Instagram has been there for the last five years. It was something I thought of at that time and honestly, I never revisited that thought and just let it be. I do think that now, probably all the concerns that were in my head were not completely valid. Maybe they were at that time, they are not anymore now.”

Today’s the day!
Her first Instagram post will be today. She tells us, “An international team is coming down from the US and we are doing a kind of fun, candid event with them. That’s great because it is the first time the Instagram’s international team is coming to Mumbai.”

‘No way of avoiding it
Katrina has become more social media-friendly in the last couple of years. Kat says, “I am still the same person. Whether I go on social media or not has no relevance to the fact that the world and life around us has changed from what it was just a few years back. There was no paparazzi culture, no instant-update culture where everyone knows what everyone else is doing all the time. No one had any idea about others, except when their movie released. This instant access culture has consumed almost the entire society. It’s now a part of the world — whether you go to the airport, you go to party or you go to a penthouse. There is no way of avoiding it. Like an ostrich in the sand, you cannot bury your head in the sand. They are there. The fact that I am putting up pictures of mine on social platform brings out a certain aspect of me which can be fun, candid or quirky.”

Self-directing photoshoots
Instagram is only about pictures and that’s again the space Katrina’s very comfortable with. “On Insta, it should be more fun and friendly. I haven’t yet planned what I want to do, but it’s about sharing those moments of your life and it’s also a little bit about your artistic voice. Almost everyone today thinks they are as good as professional photographers any ways (laughs). The phone culture, the selfie culture is there, so we all like to self direct our photoshoots for our digital space. It’s just about having your own space to voice your artistic expressions.”

Who to follow?
On Insta, you need to follow each other to get updates. Who will Kat follow first, we ask. And she answers, “I have not been on the platform ever so first, I need to understand how it works. Now I have to go through everything and see who I would want to follow.”

Snapchat? No! Twitter? Maybe
Facebook and Instagram done. Snapchat and Twitter next? Not yet, says Kat. “Snapchat is something I doubt very much I’ll be part of. But Twitter is on my plan. It is something I would like to do. Just like I said, I will get a grasp of these platforms first and check if the progression to Twitter is something I am ready for.”

Will her Insta pics be different from her FB ones?
A quick glance through Kat’s photos (in her albums) on her official Facebook account, reveal the actress’s preference for mid-shots — from tip of head to waist. While she does, post the occasional selfie and full-length shot, it’s this kind of shot-taking that’s prevalent across her albums. Don’t believe us? Check the pics above. We just hope the actress will go for variety on Instagram.