The Fate Of The Furious (released in India as Fast & Furious 8) is sure to blow one’s mind with its action scenes and the grandeur. There are so many characters in the film but each of the principle character is used so well – nobody is forced in the narrative. To do that and weave an intriguing story and also some kick-ass action is no easy feat and hats off to the makers and writers for pulling this off! Of course there are lots of cinematic liberties but that is obvious in this franchise, especially after 7 films! Vin Diesel surprisingly has a lesser screen time than the previous parts but of course, he makes his presence felt. The entire bit as to why he betrays his ‘family’ is nicely done. Dwayne Johnson rocks the show with his one-liners, fight and especially with his entry. Jason Statham is much better here than in Fast & Furious 7. The actor is quite popular and loved and this is evident by the way he was greeted with whistles and hoots in his entry scene! He is sure to win hearts this time and how! Michelle Rodriguez’s brutal yet sensitive performance is lovely. Charlize Theron does very well as the villain. Helen Mirren makes an impact in a cameo. Action as expected is the highpoint. The prison scene and submarine sequence are outstanding but watch out for the New York chase scene – it’s just terrific! There are some nice surprises in the end that enhances interest. The 3D is nothing great but the film deserves to be seen on as big a screen as possible (IMAX will be ideal). This one is a sure-shot hit!

My rating - **** out of 5!