Nayandeep Rakshit (DNA; April 7, 2017)

Most actors tell you that comedy is the most difficult genre they’ve attempted. Sidharth Malhotra is no different. “I just love the genre. I think pulling off a comedy film is tough but if you do it well, you can hit a home run,” he quips.

Why a period comedy
What he’d like to do next is a period comedy. And his reason is pretty simple. “In Bollywood, we watch films in separate genres. The reason I want to do a period comedy film is because it has never been done before. We see love stories set in a certain time period, but we don’t see any kind of comic elements in a film, even if it’s in the Mughal era or whatever. So to be in that time and do a comedy, sounds really interesting.”

Buying into the script
Sid is very clear about not doing a mindless comedy. “The kind of humour I would like to do is like what I did in Hasee To Phasee. I need to buy what the script says, I cannot do that kind of slapstick humour if I don’t feel convinced about it.”

‘Can’t be clones’
So, a Housefull is out of the question? “I don’t think it is a mindless comedy series. They do behave like that for a reason. They have a back story. I’d do it, but in a different way.” He further explains, “All of us can’t be clones of each other, trying to do a previous formula which I don’t want to do. If I do a comedy, I’ll do it my way which is a lot more contemporary and convincing.”