Taapsee Pannu
Close on the heels of TVF fiasco, Taapsee Pannu launches sexual harrasment helpline for media and entertainment industry
Mohar Basu (MID-DAY; March 17, 2017)

After Pink (2016), Taapsee Pannu emerged as the face of firebrand women, who refuse to cower and condone wrongdoings. Staying true to her on-screen image, the actress has launched a helpline to assist women in the domains of harassment and mental distress. The effort seems well-timed given recent molestation allegations by ex-employees of The Viral Fever (TVF) against founder-CEO Arunabh Kumar.

A set of professional counsellors has been roped in to provide assistance to the complainants/victims. Calls to the helpline number (01149694998) will be answered by trained executives, who will redirect them to a counsellor. Redressal committees at regional levels have also been instituted to facilitate the process. The initiative has been taken by Event and Entertainment Management Association.

Helpline curator Sabbas Joseph tells mid-day, "We wish to create an environment where women can deliver to their full potential. Women in advertising, media, and entertainment are both role models and influencers. It is a positive step towards making lives of working women a little easier."

Though Taapsee isn't clear about her opinion on the ongoing TVF controversy, she feels the helpline will go a long way in creating better workplaces. She says, "It is a profound initiative for all working women, especially in the events, entertainment and media industry. It is not just a step towards making the working environment safe for women, but also in making the world a better place."