The actress came back from trip, organised her mother’s b’day bash almost overnight
Upala KBR (DNA; March 15, 2017)

Shraddha Kapoor took off for a European tour with her friends on her birthday (March 3). She returned last week and organised her mother Shivangi’s birthday (on March 12) eve bash, along with her brother Siddhanth. And then, the same night, she took a flight to Bangkok to shoot for a commercial.

Her father Shakti Kapoor says, “I was in Delhi and could not attend, but my daughter Shraddha and son Siddhanth organised the entire party which included over 50 guests. All friends of my wife. They were all part of her Mahikari (a religious group, which also involves healing group) and her sisters Tejaswini and Padmini. Shraddha sang for them all, there was a live music band. My son also sang for the first time. Shraddha brought back similar scarves for all four of us from Europe. She also remembered to bring a gift (watch) for her spotboy who shares his birthday with Shivangi. She is a very thoughtful daughter. She got coffee capsules for me for the coffee machine, so I can make all kinds of coffee at home.”

Shakti is proud of the fact that the entire party was organised by his children. “I want them to be more independent now. So, everything from the bar to the pure vegetarian food — asparagus, emmenthal filo triangles, zucchini wraps with mozarella and pesto, baby potatoes with jerk spices among other things — by caterers was arranged for, by my children,” he says.