In the scene in the beginning, the top authorities of Pakistan are seen celebrating the Uri attack with a glass of sherbet. 'Cheers with soft drink' is mentioned on the bottom right corner. In another sequence, the Pakistani army chief calls the Pakistani Prime Minister 'mamu'. Gems like these makes this film highly unique and special. This is the second part of the MSG Lion Heart series and the story begins from where the first part ended - the evil aliens descending on Earth to defeat Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan aka Dr Pitaji. But soon the aliens are forgotten and the focus shifts to surgical strike and enemity with Pakistan. How Dr Pitaji deceives Pakistanis (depicted as highly foolish) and defeats terrorism completely forms the crux of the film. As always Dr Pitaji never gets subdued and is able to fight the enemies quite easily. The film sadly has less unintentionally funny scenes or maybe the novelty value is wearing off since I have seen all films of Dr Pitaji. He has tried to add new stuff - even got a hot heroine for himself - but it is not enough. Another reason why the desired impact wasn't made was that his fans were not there in my show. Dr Pitaji's fans hoot, whistle and cheer for him and that is so much fun. Really missed them a lot. While I have given the previous Dr Pitaji's films 1/5, this one gets back 0.5/5 :P Like the earlier part, MSG Lion Heart - 2: Hind Ka Napak Ko Jawab ends on an incomplete note and hence part 3 is on the anvil. Hope Dr Pitaji gets back into form and delivers a solid punch that he is surely capable of!

My rating – ½ out of 5!