Hiren Kotwani (BOMBAY TIMES; January 17, 2017)

Given that action is an important part of Jackie Chan's films, it's natural that filmmakers would cast actors with a certain level of fitness to pull off the required stunts. Sonu Sood, who is known for his physique, fit the bill for Kung Fu Yoga and also impressed the producers with his stunts in the action scenes.

We hear that when they were shooting an extensive chase sequence that also had cars flying and crashing, Sonu not only did the close-ups himself, but also chose to sit in the driver's seat for long shots, for which body doubles are usually used. Interestingly, one of the scenes required Sonu to jump out of a car, which was somersaulting mid-air. In another instance, he performed the vertical split effortlessly, impressing everyone on the set. Later, he also did the human flag act by holding on to a vertical handlebar and suspending himself horizontally for nearly half a minute.

A source says, “Usually people with a muscular physique are not known to be flexible. But Jackie Chan and director Stanley Tong were amazed with the ease with which Sonu performed the stunts that require such flexibility. The director even praised him saying that he is one of the fittest and most flexible actors he has met.“