The team in China
Mohar Basu (MID-DAY; January 21, 2017)

"After the lovely treatment he has given us here, I can’t wait to host Jackie Chan in India,” says actress Disha Patani, when we ask her about promoting her next, Kung Fu Yoga, also featuring Chan, in China.

From travelling in the superstar’s private jet, to relishing Indian food at his restaurant, the desi cast of the film was graciously treated on the international shores, says the actress. The mouth-watering delicacies laid out for them, including dal makhani and tandoori chicken, also prompted the otherwise health-concious Sonu Sood, who is the distributor for the film in India, to drop his guards. The actor, we hear, was spotted generously feasting.

During the film’s press conference, says Disha, Chan went out of his way to comfort his Indian buddies, even breaking into an impromptu jig and singing Tu Tu Meri (Bang Bang, 2014) in Hindi. Disha returned the favour by singing the Chinese song Min Min Bai Bai, which she had learnt from the action star during the film’s shoot. “The entire team has been so warm and gracious. We are truly humbled” says the actress.

The team will also fly down to India as part of the promotions. To make certain that they feel equally welcome, Disha has been shopping for Indian handicrafts for them. She is apparently also in talks with her designer friends to get something custom designed for them.