Vikrant proposes to Monalisa
Monalisa's fiance Vikrant Singh Rajpoot on why he couldn't wait for her to finish Bigg Boss stint
Letty Mariam Abraham (MID-DAY; January 18, 2017)

Bhojpuri actress Monalisa and her beau, Vikrant Singh Rajpoot, were all set to tie the knot after the actress' exit from the Bigg Boss house. However, after seeing Mona's new avatar on the show, Vikrant had claimed that he was apprehensive about marrying her.

His family was also offended with her proximity to co-contestant Manu Punjabi. Cut to this week, and we hear that Vikrant will marry his girl on national TV.

"I have acted in so many films, but when I went abroad recently, people asked me about my short stint in the house when I went in to meet Mona; the show gives you a lot of exposure," he says.

Is tying the knot on TV a publicity stunt? "Of course not. The plan was to get married after Mona came out of the house, but I had no idea she'd stay for so long. So I decided to propose. I am glad that the channel gave us the opportunity to get married inside the house," adds Vikrant.

He was not sure of getting married to Monalisa the last time hitlist spoke to him. What changed his mind? "I am glad I went inside the house at the right time."

Vikrant further adds, "It was obvious that whatever she did there was just a strategy. I understand that now. I even met Manu when he came out for his mother's funeral; there is absolutely nothing between them."

This is not the first wedding inside the Bigg Boss house. earlier, Ali Merchant and Sara Khan had attempted a stunt, but they broke off as soon as the show ended.

"Mona and I have been together for eight years. We will get married and hold a formal reception once she is out of the house," says Vikrant.