MUMBAI MIRROR (January 21, 2017)

After winning her second People's Choice Award for playing Alex Parrish on the American TV show Quantico, Priyanka Chopra appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! for the second time on Thursday.

Upon being asked about the dynamics of Bollywood by host Jimmy Kimmel, the actress said, “They do have union rules but it's really actor-driven, and I'm a workaholic... Everybody works like that. They (production houses) follow my lead, it's awesome. It's great.“

They even spoke about the concept of song and dance in Bollywood, to which Priyanka said, “If you ever go to an Indian family, their wedding or any occasion, it will always be a dance party. We need an excuse to dance. This is different kind of dancing, there's like craziness and drums and music. And I think, culturally that is reflected in the movies.“

Dressed in a black and white knee-length number, the actress also spoke about the injury she suffered on the sets of Quantico last week. She explained, “It was just a rainy day, we were running against time and needed to finish our day and rainy road, rubber boots. I fell and hit my head on the road. They took me to the ER and it was a concussion. I had to wake up every hour because you can't sleep after a concussion. You see stars and it's not fun. It's my first concussion so I was very starstruck about it.“