The People’s Choice Awards 2017 celebrated the people’s pick from television, movies and music. Priyanka Chopra, who has bagged an award consecutively for two years, spoke to BT from LA
Lasyapriya Sundaram (BOMBAY TIMES; January 20, 2017)

Winning when pitted against American TV's best must be a huge high...
They are American royalty in terms of actors. I can't understand how this has happened, I'm shocked and I'm still reeling from it. These are the women because of whom I wanted to do TV in America. They have created a space for themselves. They are forward-thinking, female lead characters who are inspirational for people around the world. They have played such amazing characters and Alex (Parrish, her character in Quantico) is a representation of a modern woman, which is why so many women relate to her. Just being in the same category as these women was a dream come true for me. I didn't expect to win in this category. I am overwhelmed and grateful to everyone who voted and everyone who loved the show.

You had an accident on the sets of Quantico and you went and not only shot for the show, but also attended the People's Choice Awards?
I had a concussion and before this, I didn't know what a concussion was. The doctor told me that I can't watch TV, read books, or focus my eyes on anything. After three days of sitting at home, I got so bored that I put on my neck brace, which I was supposed to wear, and went back to work. I took it off during the shots. I have been given permission to travel, so I am good now. I just can't do action and stunts for another week.

The peach ensemble you wore for People's Choice Award is being referred to as a 'flirty dress'....
That's a good thing, right? I just wanted to wear something springy. I was shooting in New York and it was very cold there. But when I came to Los Angeles, I felt like wearing something fun, easy and light. I just wanted to let my hair down, so I chose this outfit. I always have fun on the red carpet, I don't take it seriously. I wear dresses depending on my mood and that's what I did.