Ajay Devgn
Actor-filmmaker Ajay Devgn will travel to Rajasthan on behest of fanatical admirer who threatened to kill self if plea to meet his favourite star wasn't acknowledged
Shaheen Parkar (MID-DAY; January 18, 2017)

Fans of Bollywood celebrities often go to great lengths to get a glimpse of their on screen stars, but for actor Ajay Devgn, the journey to Rajasthan's Nawalgarh district to meet his fan might be a distressing one. The actor will head to the locality at the behest of 22-year-old Shamshad, an ardent devotee of Bollywood, and Devgn in particular, who had threatened to commit suicide if his plea to meet his idol wasn't acknowledged.

Says Ajay's spokesperson, "Ajay will be travelling to Rajasthan on January 20 where a meeting with the fan is being arranged. He is concerned and does not want the youngster to harm himself. He is in touch with the local authorities who will facilitate the meeting." The spokesperson informs that the incident was reported in the local press and was brought to Devgn's attention by his fan clubs.

Last Thursday, Shamshad had reportedly asked the local authorities to organise a meeting with Ajay. However, when his plea fell on deaf ears, he stood precariously on the edge of a well and threatened to jump in. The concerned onlookers raised an alarm which compelled Nawalgarh officer Nawal Kishore Meena to arrive on the spot along with other officials. The young fan was heard mouthing dialogues from several Devgn films, including the 2011 actioner Singham, throughout the ordeal. He only relented after persuasion, and was taken to the police station for questioning.

Ajay, who will head to Jodhpur to shoot for the next schedule of Milan Luthria's Baadshaho, has promised to have his fan accompany him on set.

The fan who stood on the precipice of the well and threatened to jump if he did not meet Devgn, as per local reports