Sidharth Malhotra turns 32 today and we ask him that many questions...
Nayandeep Rakshit (DNA; January 16, 2017)

It’s Sidharth Malhotra’s birthday but he isn’t ready to tell us about his plans. “Last year, I had a working birthday. I was shooting for Let’s Nacho so I spent it with Alia, Fawad and the rest of the cast and crew of Kapoor & Sons. The year before that, I was with my close friends and my family in Goa. We booked a villa on a private beach and we partied. Very intimate, and that’s the way I like it. This year, I am not shooting, so it’s going to be a more intimate celebration with friends. I don’t feel like throwing a big party because it becomes a responsibility. I might even travel, go out of the city.” He’s 32 now. No better time to ask him about things he has learnt about others and himself, of all things good and bad, or likes and dislikes, etc. Read on as Sid gets candid...

One thing you know now that you didn’t know last year.
That my nephew is taking guitar lessons. I have spent more time with my family now, which is a good thing.

One thing that changed after you turned 30.
My mother asking me when will I settle down (Smiles)

One thing you never tire of hearing.
Praise for my films!

One thing you can’t live without.
Work. I love working every day.

One thing you’d give your right arm for.
I would love to have my family around constantly. When I was in Bangkok, they came to visit me. I had sprained my ankle and having my mom, dad, bhabhi and my nephew around, I had the best sleep. They were just chit-chatting among themselves, and I just passed out there. I just love having that whole energy around.

One thing you want to change about yourself.
Communication skills. Also, I hope I am more disciplined and put in more in a day than I’m doing right now.

One thing you’d like to change about women.
Nothing! Women are lovely and perfect. It’s the men who have to change, not the women.

One thing you would like to change in the film industry.
I wish there was more unity. We should stand up for many more causes together.

One thing you love about the film industry.
The acceptance of new talent like me and the diverse content coming out today.

One fear that never leaves you.
Fear of failure!

One word that often slips out of your mouth.
I was brought up in a Punjabi household, so the basic swear words in Punjabi, I keep saying them often.

One person outside of your family that you trust implicitly.
Any one of my five friends from school, who I’m still in touch with. No point naming them, you won’t know them. They know who they are. They have been with me for over a decade and some of them have seen me from my childhood — from my colony to my school and college. I still invite them over to my house and they come and spend weekends. These people are special.

One time in your life that you could return to.
My early 20s when I was struggling. If I could go back and tell myself that ‘Don’t worry, man! You are going to do a Karan Johar film as your debut film.’

One thing in your wardrobe that you cherish the most.
My jeans from the Kukkad song in SOTY. They are Diesel jeans with patches on it. Manish (Malhotra) and Karan (Johar) styled me for it. And I kept them as memoirs because that’s one of the best entries that a newcomer can get who’s not from the industry.

One actor in the industry that you admire.
There are loads of them. I’ve worked with Akshay Kumar, so I admire his discipline. I have seen Shah Rukh Khan. I like his knowledge in terms of different subjects. When you see Mr Bachchan working at this age, you get inspired and you know what a person can do, even in his 70s.

One person in the industry that you would call for advice.
Akshay Kumar and Karan Johar!

One thing you have that Varun Dhawan doesn’t.
A few more inches! (laughs) I mean the height...

One director you wish would offer you a film.
Rajkumar Hirani. He’s one of the best directors. Whatever he writes is brilliant. I’m a big fan of all his work.

One actress you want to be paired with soon.
Deepika Padukone and me together would be exciting. Similar shoulder and head size...

One film of a contemporary that you truly enjoyed this year.
Ranbir’s film, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.

One thing you wish you had.
A new house!

One country you wish to travel to.
Not another country. I want to go to Leh, Ladakh. I’ve travelled less in India in the last few years. I have never been to Leh and I want to see the place.

One actor you are protective about.
Alia! I have had a very long association with her and I have known her from day one. I think she’s a wonderful person and I share a great rapport with her.

One person you are possessive about.
I’m a very annoying, possessive friend. If my friends do something which I don’t approve of, I would make sure I voice it out and irritate them a bit.

One need that you constantly feel.
The need to put myself out there much more.

One person you miss all the time.
My dadi. I grew up with her and when I stay here alone, I miss those times.

One Hollywood actress you would love to hook up with.
Scarlett Johansson. I even spoke about it on Koffee With Karan this year which they edited out. I am a big fan of just her personality. She can be extremely soft and vulnerable. And in the same zone, we have seen her play action roles where she’s very sorted, aggressive and focussed. That’s something very sexy and it’s a great quality she has.

One Hollywood actor whose life you would love to lead.
No one. I think all of us have our own demons to deal with. I am sure he would also have his share. So, I would rather deal with my own.

One country other than India where you’d want to settle in.
I have not really thought about it. I am a Delhi boy, so I don’t think I will be able to settle down fully. I have stayed away from my family for most of my life now. I have stayed alone for the last 12-14 years. I have been working since I was 18. So I would like to settle down within India with my family. A big household with Punjabi chit- chat all around.

One hidden token that you have.
My nana’s watch which my nani gave me after he passed away. That’s something I cherish.

One person you admire the most in the world.
My mother. My dad used to travel a lot and she brought us up mostly by herself. Sometimes, she was playing both father and mother. So, all the credit of what I have learnt in life — the qualities, the culture — goes to her. Obviously, my dad has also taught us a lot of things, but my mother had to reprimand us more.

One thing you would do before you turn 33.
To get a house. Whether my family will join me or not, I don’t know. They have their base in Delhi and it’s difficult for them to shift base to a new city. But at least, I would try and convince them after making a good enough house so that they feel, ‘Arre waah, humein yahaan rehnaa hai’.